IP PBX Business Phone Systems Are The Way Of The Future

Whether you are a business owner, administrator, office manager, receptionist, or company employee, you can only perform as good as your business phone communication system performs. Business phone systems are powerful data and voice communication tools that can facilitate communications between all members of a company as well as outside clients, business partners, suppliers, and vendors. 

An IP PBX business phone system is an internet-based business phone system that enables the members of your company to communicate with each other and others outside of your phone system with the addition of audio, video, and instant messaging capabilities. These communications are instantaneous, digitally documented, and archived on your company's computer system. Here are some of the other features of an IP PBX business phone system:

  • VoIP Connectivity - Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses a broadband internet connection rather than basic analog telephone lines for communication. With VoIP service, employees can make and receive calls over the internet with each other and others outside of their business phone system that are connected to the same VoIP protocol. 
  • Customized Call Distribution - All incoming calls can be directed to a group of designated phone extensions so that they are handled quickly and efficiently. If all designated extensions are busy or do not answer, an incoming call can be directed to a secondary group of phone extensions before being recorded on voice mail. 
  • Digital Internet Conferencing - With an IP PBX business phone system, all members of your small business can participate in digital conferences via the internet. Clients, business partners, and others outside of your business phone system can also be included as needed. This can benefit company personnel who are out of the office on a frequent basis. 
  • Cross-Technology Messaging - All incoming voice messages are delivered to your employee's cell phone, office phone, and digital email server at the same time, as well as the phones and servers of other company employees as designated. 
  • Door Phones and Door Openers - When a visitor to the office pushes a button on a keypad outside of your office, that visitor can be announced to a predetermined set of phones within the phone system. A camera on the door phone will alert the answering phones with a visual image of the visitor on their computer. These answering phones can be programmed to have a door opener button to allow the visitor to enter your office. 
  • Cost-Effective Wireless System - Since a business IP PBX phone system is completely digital, it eliminates all wiring needed to connect phones, computers, software, peripherals, and workstations within the network system. All upgrades and additions to the system are cost-effective because they are digital. 

An IP PBX business phone system is an economical communication system for your small business. Investing in an IP PBX communication system is the way of the future for new and existing PBX-based companies. It is a wise choice for any business that wants to be ready for the next advancement in business communications.