4 Easy Ways To Put Your Used Cell Phones To Good Use

When you upgrade your mobile phone with a newer and more advanced model, you have a couple options. First, there are the incentives that many cell phone service providers offer customers when they are looking to purchase new phones. Another popular option is to hold onto your old cell phone and stick it in a drawer, in the hopes of eventually finding use for it in the future. Get rid of your used cell phones once and for all by using any one of the methods listed below.

Refurbishing And Repairing Cell Phones

Splintered screens, cracked cases and missing keyboard buttons can render mobile phones pretty much useless. Fortunately, there are many ways to have used cell phones repaired and made like new again. Online phone unlocking services such as unlockphone.com unlock cell phones and allow for used mobile phones to be used with virtually any cell phone carrier. Use your refurbished mobile phone as a secondary contact, give it to a younger sibling or keep it around in case of an emergency.

Selling Cell Phones For Profit

You may not believe that an older model mobile phone can be sold for cash, but people are doing it everyday. The key to selling used cell phones is to first work with a phone unlocking service. Have your gently used mobile phone unlocked prior to putting it up for sale

Donating Used Cell Phones

Many worthy causes accept used cell phone donations online and at local donation sites. Military groups, domestic violence charities and missionaries are just a few of the types of organizations that benefit from phone donations. Many organizations are happy to accept whatever used cell phones you want to donate, but you can help make the process simpler by having your phone unlocked in advance.

Recycling Old Cell Phones

Sometimes a mobile phone can simply be too old or damaged to sell, gift, or donate. In these cases, recycling is probably the best option. Internal mobile phone components such as copper and gold can be scrapped or recycled, leaving you with a nice profit.

If your old cell phones are beginning to be an eyesore, its best to find a way to dispose of them. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, you can help fund a new cell phone purchase by selling, scrapping or recycling them. For those less interested in making money, knowing that your old phone is going to a good cause can be another great motivator.